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Every process inside any plant is unique and has special characteristics. The purpose of process technology services is to develop the quality of processes and improve competitiveness by considering quality, environment, safety and economical aspects. Effective and qualified process engineering ensures that our clients have well-designed processes in accordance with their needs and quality requirements. These quality requirements are usually reflected in costs, capacity, safety and consumption of energy or raw materials. Process engineering produces documents for other engineering disciplines and for equipment procurement.

Refreshment drinks are the hit. New blended flavors are breathing new life into the market and arousing the consumer ‘s interest and thirst. Scope for the production and mixing of these new products needs flexible plant technology. With their performance and precision, Tetra Tech’s mixing and carbonating solutions offer you ideal starting conditions for the production of all types of drinks.

Filtration systems are expected to produce bright beverages which display excellent stability and long shelf life. A filtration system which does this at a high level of performance while saving on filtering media leaves no wishes unfulfilled.
Tetra Tech’s CIP systems offers coherent cleaning processes which ensure trouble-free and microbiologically safe operation of a production line. Whether manually or fully automatic, the cleaning concept is designed to perfectly suit the line components to be cleaned. The individual sizes and their speeds cover all tasks required in a bottle cellar, syrup room, or dairy plant. The required number of tanks can be varied depending on the number of media. The tank size and the number of CIP admission pipes are determined by the size of the line and the individual machines to be cleaned.
Tetra Tech is one of the leading and emerging contractors in water and wastewater treatment. We are committed to providing first class services, and to offering clients a strong local support along with the latest technology in the field of water and wastewater treatment. Tetra Tech prides itself with its specialized skills in design and detailed engineering.
Tetra Tech, with its Hydronomic water treatment systems, offers an extensive program for the purposeful treatment of your untreated water. For us, purposeful means that the individual untreated water quality in each separate case forms the basis for the configuration of the system. Due to the highest quality standard in the production of the water treatment modules you receive durable and long-lasting technology which guarantees efficient and reliable operation.

Containers and tanks play a central role in every production process. No matter which processes and applications are involved. Containers and tanks are always on your planning and procurement list.

Highest quality and precise production technologies is what you can always expect from Tetra Tech. You can get precision performance also when it comes to containers and tanks. Tetra Tech supplies storage and production tanks that are individually designed for your processes. All specifications in our container program are designed for the tasks in a variety of sectors:

  • Beverage production
  • Dairy industry
  • Food production
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry